The Ministry of Homemaking

with my recent marriage I have been doing a lot of research on homemaking & wifehood in general. of course I had no experience in this area, so I was ready for any information I could get!!

through our marriage, bible study, and research, I have learned how impactful my duties as a wife are in the overall wellbeing of our life. as women, we set the tone for our homes. ( & yes, even if you have a job outside the home, YOU are a homemaker!!)

homemaking is a ministry. the definition of ministry is tending to the needs of someone. is this not something that perfectly describes homemaking? every toilet you scrub, meal you prepare, bed you make, and or any other miscellaneous daily chore, is you intentionally caring for someone you love.

through the work that we do as homemakers, we are given the opportunity to share the love of God with our families, and everyone who enters our homes.

homemaking is about way more than how neat your home is!!! a somewhat clean home that is welcoming and full of people who have happy hearts, and know Jesus is way more pleasing to the Lord than a spotless home with wandering souls that lack love. let all that you do for your family be done in love! it will truly show. this love for our spouse, or family, and most importantly the Lord, is what gives us the fuel to tackle the sometimes daunting tasks that come along with the busy life of a homemaker, wife, student, etc.

this can sound so scary, I know! we as women have a lot of weight on our shoulders. but, by God’s grace, He has made it so easy for us to share his love with our family. a Christ centered home is the most important element of our homes!

  • let your children and husband watch you read your bible. if you have children, let them watch you and your husband do your bible study together
  • pray before each meal
  • have worship music playing as you go about daily activities
  • pray for your family
  • fill your home with warmth. make it personal and yours! display family photos, or your child’s artwork. get creative!!!
  • laugh often!
  • make Christ the center of all that you do. personal time for spiritual growth is crucial to excelling as a homemaker. set aside time each day to spend time with the Lord.
  • care for your home in a way that shows your family you value it. (and that you value them!!)

a homemaker is not only a stay at home wife or mom. a homemaker is any woman with a home!! that’s you!! the busy ladies with a 9-5 job who still comes home and has dinner ready for their family and washed clothes for them the next day! this is an all inclusive title. how awesome is that!!

proverbs 14:1 tells us: “a wise woman builds her home, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.”

I encourage you to provide a loving and functional home environment for your family!! share with me on social media or email how you did so!

until next time,

Hannah 🙂

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