cast iron care tips

in our home, we LOVE our cast iron!! we use it daily. it truly is a staple for us.

here are some reasons you should start cooking with cast iron…

  • distributes heat evenly, because it is a dense metal (this also means handles get hot so be CAREFUL!!)
  • it lasts forever. these things get passed down for generations. it is awesome.
  • it is all natural.
  • it is oven safe.
  • it improves after years of use, not the other way around.
  • it makes your food taste good because it harbors the flavors of what has previously been cooked in it.
  • when you use it a lot, it becomes well seasoned and you are able to cook and bake in them using less oil/fats as it will become non-stick naturally. (winner!!)
  • it can take the heat (you can literally cook on an open campfire with these bad boys!! they even make dutch ovens that have a lid with a lip for coals to lay on top as well. it can be used in the oven, too!)
  • if you get it hot enough on the stove, it can be used as a grill!! ( my husband loves this because we aren’t allowed to have a grill where we live!!)
  • it doesn’t call for soap (so you save a little $$ too!)
  • it looks pretty, too!

have I convinced you yet? cast iron is amazing!! it should be a staple in the home. however, many homemakers are turned off from these skillets and various types of cookwares due to the fact that they do not know how to use them! do not let this stop you anymore!! here are some tips that I have found to help care for cast iron.

top cast iron tips:

  1. wash cast iron by hand. feel free to use a nylon scrub brush. we use a pampered chef brown scraper in ours. works like a charm. it is best to avoid using soap, but i have read that some people use it anyway. keep in mind that cast iron is a porous metal, and soaks up what we put on it. (that is why we are advised against soap!)
  2. dry asap after washing. cast iron is susceptible to rust. we just use a simple paper towel to dry.
  3. wipe down with a light layer of cooking oil. the brand Lodge also makes a seasoning spray. we havent used it, but it would likely work just as great as little veggie or olive oil.
  4. avoid soaking your pan. it is best to clean right away after use. however, the occasional soaking is necessary, and do not stress too much about this. if i have to soak a cast iron pan, i usually will turn on a burner and put a thicker coat of vegetable oil and let it get hot and cool off with the oil in it in order to help keep the seasoning nice and thick on it & wipe out the excess oil.

I hope these tips and tricks make the idea of using cast iron more exciting for you! Here are some links to my favorite cast iron items and cast iron care gadgets.

links to our favorites:

we use this one almost daily. great for tortillas!

here are some scrapers similar to what I use:

the handle of cast iron cookware gets really hot, so these are a staple in our kitchen:

a cleaning kit to try out

I hope you enjoy these cast iron care tips & tricks. I think I should mention we only use the Lodge brand and love it! they have a website: & their products are also sold at Dillards, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Bass Pro Shops, and many more!!

another plug for Lodge is that they have some amazing cookbooks with recipes that are perfect for cast iron!! we love them, too.

until next time,

Hannah 🙂

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