here’s how minimalism is changing is our life

With our recent marriage, my husband and I had a lot of STUFF to mesh together in our tiny two bedroom apartment. This has proven to be quite the challenge. We were finding that we were having to clean and straighten our home every. single. day. It was getting so old. So we did what any normal person would do and we watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. Guilt and inspiration lit a fire under us and we got to work. Like right away. We hadn’t even finished the first episode and we were hardcore convicted. Here’s what we discovered:

  1. We sleep better in an organized and clutter free environment. There has been something so relaxing about knowing exactly where everything is when going through our daily routines. Neither of us are running around like crazy chickens looking for our toothpaste or face wash, and we can just calmly go about our activities. (this also means there are less conversations that go “hey, have you seen my______?” and more time talking about important & fun things.)
  2. Our mornings are so relaxed and stress free! We know where everything is, and they all have an assigned a place. None of our items are getting lost under clutter anymore. So we have more time in the morning for things like bible study or sharing breakfast together. It helps us set the tone for a successful day. Who knew your physical things could actually have an impact on your attitude? It turns out our stuff was indirectly hindering ours in a serious way.
  3. We are more thankful for the things that we have, because we love them and they bring us joy. For example, I had a huge bin of socks that I always kept because I felt like I would need them at some point. The reality was I never used my fuzzy zebra socks from sixth grade past crazy sock day, and my sock collection only grew from there. Now I only have the socks I need to get through a week, and a couple of extra. I no longer have to dig through my Mount Everest sized sock pile to get the few pairs of socks I actually like.
  4. Less is more. We now have only the things that make us happy. The things that we have bring us joy, so it truly feels as though we have more… even though the volume of our stuff is actually less.

Before we got started on this journey, the idea of minimalism was SO intimidating. After we realized that everyone’s definition of minimalism is unique to them, we were ready to start being intentional about our personal belongings. The idea of minimalism is to keep only the things you need for your completely unique lifestyle. There are no set rules, which is really freeing. Society tells us we always need more, but minimalism teaches us to use only what is necessary and show gratitude for these things. It’s extremely liberating and we are super excited to see where else this journey takes us, because we are still far from perfect!

This is a real before and after of my nightstand drawer! Guys, it was bad!!! (also, tip: when organizing drawers, use little boxes to separate your small belongings!) Check out all of the chapsticks we have as a result of not knowing where they always are!! Now that we have a set place for them, we will know exactly where they are and not over purchase them. (BONUS!!)

As we continue on this awesome journey, I will definitely be sure to share more photos! If you have any tips for us, please share!

until next time,

Hannah 🙂

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